Marina_Station, Debary, FL

This project was a charette of three weeks for the introduction to the graduate program and the introduction to the SunRail system.  The SunRail system is a proposed light-rail commuter system that would run along the I-4 corridor.  We were given no direction other than the train stop had to house a function aside from transportation.

For my design I looked to the location of Debary, FL.  The main draw to Debary is Lake Debary as the head of the St. John river.  It is a recreational and important infrastructural feature to the area.  I wanted to move the site for the stop to intersect with the lake and rail line.  Joining a marina and train station juxtaposed two differing transportation modes and gave a reason for people to commute to Debary.  Normally the rail line would be focused on traditional commutes of mornings going into the city and in the evening out.  With this stop there would be a reason to get on the line in Orlando and go out to Debary as the destination.